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Characters Welcome: Hosea (Pastor Rick Gering)

Characters Welcome: Hosea Pastor Rick Gering May 31, 2015 11a Modern Worship Service

Why, God? (Pastor Rick Gering)

Why, God? Pastor Rick Gering May 24, 2015 11a Modern Worship Service

Finding Freedom in Christ (Carlin Yoder)

Finding Freedom in Christ Carlin Yoder May 17, 2015 11a Modern Worship Service

Mother’s Day (Guest Speaker Cathy Hendrick)

Mother’s Day Guest Speaker: Cathy Hendrick May 10, 2015 9:30a Modern Worship Service

The Rescue: Week 3 (Pastor Rick Gering)

The Rescue: Week 3 Pastor Rick Gering May 3, 2015 11am Modern Worship Service Acts 8-9¬†ESV God doesn’t need rescued but rather man’s improper view of who God is.